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Olaf came into Pet Patrol care with two buddies ( Tango and his sister Elsa). They originally
lived with other cats in a barn, on the very edge of a village. When the barn was torn down and
the property redeveloped into town houses, the cats migrated to the house across the street.
There was nowhere else for them to go. Fortunately the people took on the responsibility of
feeding the homeless cats, but unfortunately, the house is cluttered and there are a lot of
things stored or piled up. The garage is much the same, dirty and an assortment of bins, shop
tools, bags of stuff and keepsakes. It is open all the time so that stray cats can come in to
seek shelter. Sometimes the cats are allowed in the house, but they would have to be friendly.
Olaf is very friendly, and even though he was not neutered at the time but was not allowed in
the house and eventually went to live with a friend before coming to Pet Patrol.


It was a tearful goodbye when Olaf’s rescue mom left him at the sanctuary. She had grown
very attached to him and his brother Odin. It is easy to see how that can happen as he is an
adorable little cat. He had easily made himself at home in her care, and again at the sanctuary with the other rescued cats. Olaf is friendly and affectionate, can be picked up and cuddled, and is known to curl up in your lap for a snooze. As a playful kitty he likes all kinds of
toys, and the cat tree is a favourite. He chases the laser pen light and anything that wiggles or
bounces. He likes to tussle with his brother Odin and it would be nice for them to be adopted
together, or into home with another accepting and playful cat. Olaf is ready to be adopted into
his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979