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Gem came from a small colony of barn cats on a rural property far off the main highway. The
older gentleman who owned the farm fed the cats that accumulated there but was not able to
have them spayed and neutered. What started out as just a few cats exploded into about
twenty within six months time . When the man had to go into a nursing home, there was no one
to take care of the cats left behind. With no food available the cats made their way to the home
of a young couple living across the road. They took over the responsibility of feeding all the
cats and gave them some shelter from the elements, though it was outdoors. They reached
out to a small local rescue to ask for help in getting the cats spayed and neutered, and to find
homes. They liked the cats, but did not intend on keeping them. All of the kittens were
rescued, and some of the adults were social and came to Pet Patrol or other rescue
organizations. Any remaining cats are untouchable, but the couple will continue to work with
them. in hopes that they will be adoptable some day. All the cats are spayed or neutered now


Gem is very gentle and sweet. She loves to be pet and cuddled, will come to you to be
brushed or to sit on your lap and happily sleeps on the bed with you. She is great with other
cats and can often be found curled up with another cat at the sanctuary, purring happily and
grooming each other. Gem has enjoyed playing with toys and anything with catnip in it is just
the best. She would do well in an adult home that has another kitty for her to be best friends
with. Gem is a lovely cat, good company and ready to be adopted into her forever home. One
that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979