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Pet Patrol received a call from a, now retired, woman who was active in cat rescue up north.
She still gets inquiries from people desperate to find help for the cats in their care and all she
can do is contact other rescues and see if they can take them in. In the case of Stanley, he was
given to an older woman because ‘she had cats’. People have few resources up there, vet
costs are high, and there are no city shelters near by. So what do you do with a cat that you
can no longer keep? Some people advertise on social media or look for someone that they
know who has cats. That’s how Stanley ended up with the retired lady. The older woman, of
course took the cat in, loving cats, but she was not in any financial position to be able to look
after him properly. Her home is cluttered and there are many cats there now. Help is desperately needed. Now Stanley is in Pet Patrol care, we have had him neutered and microchipped
and he is ready for a loving family.


Stanley is a very good little cat. He is quite used to being with other cats, playing with them,
napping together and just hanging out. He likes his people just as much but can be a bit
unsure until he is comfortable in his new environment. He can often be found curled up at the
foot of the bed over night or snuggled in on the couch while watching TV. Stanley has really
enjoyed the playroom at the sanctuary and all the toys. We are not really sure if he had a cat
tree, interactive toys or crinkly sounding toys, but he has been playing with them enthusiastically here. What a dear little cat he is. Stanley is ready to be adopted into his forever home.
One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979