Halo & Harlow

Halo & Harlow

Halo & Harlow

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Pet Patrol was approached by a small cat rescue organization in another town. She has only
one large space in her home to accommodate cats that she rescues, and at this time of year
she was overflowing with kittens. She asked if we could take three little ones in, Hamlet, Halo
and Harlow, and help them along the way to their new home. Once in our care proved to be
loving sweet cats. They originally came from an over populated farm. The woman was elderly
and called it her Hobby Farm, but unfortunately the animals were not properly looked after,
food quality was poor and she could not keep up the work involved in keeping things healthy
for them. For years rescue organizations and family members have offered to help rehome
some of the animals and she resisted at every step. Now with age related illnesses, she has
asked that homes be found for her “animal family” so they are not left abandoned.


Halo and Harlow, with their brother Hamlet, have personalities that are just starting to evolve,
but they like to be picked up and held and are very happy to be with their people. As longhair
cats, they are becoming used to being brushed and groomed, and although their fur was quite
dry and dull in the beginning, it has quickly changed in appearance. They are mesmerized by
toys and anything that jingles or wiggles is such fun! These little ones will be stunningly beautiful cats as adults. It would be nice for them to be adopted into a gentle and loving long-haired
cat friendly home They are just adorable. Halo and Harlow are a bonded pair ready to be
adopted into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them
safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979