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In the summer Pet Patrol had received a phone message from a real estate sales person
about a litter of seven kittens. They were located on a country property, that in the past was a
huge auction house, The people were now retired and have sold the property, they were moving out of the area and didn’t have time to deal with this new litter of babies. The mother cat,
called Junior (now called Katra), was allowed free roam of the property and was born there
herself the summer before, but she had never been to the vet and was not spayed. In the
summer she gave birth to eight kittens, one did not survive and the others may not have if the
owners had not stepped in to support them. A better cat house was provided as they were
born in the wood pile, and kept them warm and dry inside the building. Contact with the family
had failed over the last few months to bring the cats in sooner, but now it was crunch time and
a place for them had to be found. Over one weekend all the kittens arrived, and
the mother cat as well.


When Katra first arrived at the sanctuary she was not sure what to think of it. She had lived her
entire life in a barn full of antiques and with her little feline family. Now safely in a place where
it is temperature controlled, no sandy dirt floors and lots of activities for a kitty to play with, she
has settled in quite nicely. It is her preference to be up high if there is a lot of commotion or
the vacumn is going, but she is very approachable. She is known to bunt her head into your
hand for a nice ear scratch, pet and cuddle. Katra is ready to be adopted into her forever
home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979