Barry & Baby

Barry & Baby

Barry & Baby

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Pet Patrol received a call from a family who lived on a rural property near a small town.
They have several barn cats who over the years have been quite elusive to the humane
trap, which would take them into a clinic to be spayed. This would end the constant output
of kittens (four to six per litter and three or four breeding females all at once) as it was
becoming very concerning for them to rehome them all. The resources for low cost spay or
neuter was limited in their area and the closest was at least an hour’s drive away. They
were willing to do it to save more unwanted kittens from being born, but they were not able
to get an appointment confirmed. Hence, we had Baby and her litter mate Barry brought to
Pet Patrol. This is a good family and when the kittens are born they are gathered up and
the mother cat follows them right into the house. The little ones are raised in a family setting, handled and loved by everyone.


Both of these siblings are very sweet, and although Baby can be a little uncertain in new
environments, Barry helps her to adjust by showing her the way. It doesn’t take long for
them to feel comfortable and soon they are showing their affectionate and playful side to
their caregivers. They both love diving into the cat tunnel or scaling the cat tree to look out
the window to watch the world outside. They play games of Chase with each other and
Hide and Seek too. Because they were handled by people from day one, they are very
comfortable in your arms and seek their people out for cuddles and nap time too. They
are adorable. Both are ready to be adopted into their forever home together. One that will
welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979