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Pet Patrol had been approached by a lady who lived about an hour’s drive away. She had
lived in this area before and had adopted two cats from us and was very much enjoying their
company. Then one day a pretty dilute Calico/Torti girl showed up on their deck, wary but very
hungry and homeless. It was Earlie and they didn’t know who she belonged to. Overtime they
gained her confidence through daily feedings, fresh water and a dry warm place to sleep. In
return she showed how wonderful and outgoing she was. Of course, she became pregnant
because she was not spayed and she had four little kittens born under their deck. Earlie kept
her kittens well hidden until it was time for them to eat regular food. They were not used to
people and in the beginning were skittish but within a short period of time, they accepted
petting. When it came time to rescue them and bring them into Pet Patrol care the people just
picked up Earlie and put her in a carrier, lined up a humane trap to the carrier and the kittens
went right into the wire tunnel to be with their mom. It worked like a charm. Soon they were on
their way to the sanctuary


Earlie’s kittens were about nine weeks old when they came to Pet Patrol and they did not
need their mom any more. But Earlie was the first nursing mom at the sanctuary to answer the
tiny mews of a litter of orphan kittens that had just arrived. lt was pretty obvious that she
wanted to meet them and once in their enclosure she immediately licked their heads and laid
down. She rolled over a bit to expose her tummy and the kittens scrambled right over to her
and started nursing. She is awesome and has been nothing more than a sweet, gentle and
people friendly cat. Her job as a surrogate cat mom is now over, she is spayed and ready for
her new home. She loves people and is more than willing to be pet, cuddled and carried
about. Earlie is looking for a forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and
keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979