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The Pet Patrol sanctuary is located just a little bit outside of the city and there are farms
nearby. It is not uncommon for barn cats that are not spayed or neutered to have litters of
kittens, but the population is kept fairly low. The kittens are usually found and handed out to
anyone willing to take them. In this case the family is well-known to Pet Patrol and we have
helped with rescuing many of their cats. But there’s always another mother cat that meanders
onto the property and gives birth in their barns because it is quiet and safe. This is where little
W and her three siblings came from. Since the last kittens were rescued, the owners added
onto the barn substantially and called to say that the mother cat had been found dead and
there were four wee kittens that needed to be rescued. When our volunteer arrived to collect
the babies, she was handed a cardboard box. Inside were the little kittens, quite terrified with
their circumstances. Soon they were safely in Pet Patrol care and enjoying kitten kibble and a
nice, clean, soft bed. They curled up together in a ball and you could barely tell head from tail
as they fell into a deep, warm sleep.


Wobbles is a very pretty spotted brown tabby with flecks of orange and peach throughout her
coat. She may have appeared a little shy when she first arrived at the foster home, but within a
short time she has become a very outgoing kitten who always wants love. Being quick but
polite to ask for a cuddle Wobbles likes to curl up on a cozy lap to doze away. She is quite
active and playful, just like her siblings and is interested in pretty much all toys but especially
colourful pom poms and plastic springs. Wobbles has come a long way and is now ready to
be adopted into her forever home with a sibling or playmate. One that will welcome her into
the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979