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Patrol received a call from a young woman who had noticed a cat in her neighborhood.
This was Azuza. This pretty multi coloured Torti cat was described as very friendly and
affectionate, tall and long in stature but extremely thin and malnourished. The weather
had been cold and then warm again which is unusual for November, but winter was just
around the corner and the woman feared that Azusa would suffer and not survive. When
brought to Pet Patrol’s sanctuary her little hip bones were sticking out and her fur has very
thin and dull. She ate ravenously the first day, but by next morning it was obvious that
sleeping and eating to regain her health was not going to be enough. Azusa was taken to
the vet as she was lethargic and her eyes were dull. Blood work was done to determine
her health and it revealed that she was Hyperthyroid. Initially we thought that Azusa was
three to five years old, but she is more likely ten to twelve as cats don’t generally have this
condition unless they are over eight years of age. Azusa remains in her foster home where
she has settled in nicely and with proper medication she has thrived..


It is unknown how Azusa ended up on the street. Her owner was never found even though
we searched the Lost Pet sites and the young woman who found her posted Azusa’s
photo in the neighbourhood. While in her foster home though she has done extremely
well, and although still slim, she has gained weight and is like a normal active and cat.
She has made herself at home and is very relieved to have people to love her again. She
likes to sun herself in the window and watch the neighbourhood outside, she will lay beside
her people and give them deep purrs of contentment in appreciation. Asuza is a lovely
kitty who will remain in her foster home for the remainder of her nine lives.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979