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Qeesha is a little kitten who was rescued from a nearby property, close to the sanctuary. It is a
bike shop and there is a barn, the family home, yard and building for the business. It is common for adult cats to wander through their property, from the barns just a field away, but it is
unheard of to find kittens there. One of our volunteers was at the bike shop and heard about a
litter of kittens that suddenly appeared in their garden. They were afraid and when people
approached they scattered, some into to the pumpkin patch, others to the fence line. Not
wanting to see harm come to them, the children lead the wee cats to the barn with food.
Qeesha was one of these kittens. There they had shelter and began to feel safe, and soon the
children and adults were able to pick them up and cuddle them. All have obviously been handled and in a family home before, but also were ruthlessly abandoned. At the same time a
kitten showed up at the sanctuary, which is also quite a rare event, and rescued. We named
him Quiggley and it is beleived he was from this same litter. .


This adorable little black and white girl loves to be pet and cuddled, she is very affectionate
and loves her people. Like all kittens she likes to run and play, climb up the cat tree or scramble up onto the bed. She runs through the cat tunnels with her foster home buddies and creates games of Hide & Pounce. Qeesha is not shy about chasing small hard toys and will bat at
the soft ones and give them a chew.. Adorable. Qeesha is ready to be adopted into her
forever home with a foster sibling or playmate. One that will welcome her into the family and
keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979