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Pet Patrol had not heard, in quite some time, from a woman who used to do cat rescue. In her
area there is no city shelter, and for the longest time she was the only person helping to rescue
cats. There is now one other person and it is quite over whelming for them. Our friend is from
a town, quite rural, and Pet Patrol has taken in many cats from her over the years. Now retired
she is still getting calls from people who need to rehome cats and kittens that are found abandoned or there are just too many to care for. This is the case for Hyde and Harlem. Their story
starts on a farm, and like so many properties these days, the farm is being sold and the new
owners don’t want the cats. The farmer has done his best to make sure the adults are spayed
or neutered and he wanted the kittens placed before he moved away. He didn’t want the new
owners to have to worry about these little ones. What is very nice is that they have all been
handled and are very friendly and affectionate


Harrison is a very social and curious little kitten. He likes to encourage games of Chase and
wrestling with his brother and best bud Hudson. Both boys are very busy looking for something
to do and making sure they know where everyone is and what is new coming into the house.
This handsome kitty likes to chase the laser light and run in and out of the cat tunnel after his
brother, pouncing on it and tumbling around inside. He likes to snuggle and be petted by his
people, and can easily be carried around. At the end of his day he will cuddle up with his
brother for a sleep, in a kitty bed or the first accommodating person. Harristn is ready to be
adopted into his forever home with his brother Hudson. One that will welcome him into the
family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979