Skye & Scout

Skye & Scout

Skye & Scout

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The Pet Patrol sanctuary is just a little bit outside of the city and there are farms nearby. It is
not uncommon for barn cats to not be spayed or neutered and kittens to be born on a regular
basis. The population is kept fairly low as kittens are handed out to anyone willing to take them.
In this case the family is well-known to Pet Patrol and we have helped with rescuing many of
their cats. But there’s always one that meanders onto the property and gives birth in their
barns because it is quiet and safe. This is where little Scout and Sky came from. They were
found huddled up in a corner of a straw filled bed, cowering from the cold and dampness of
the barn. The people had called knowing that the kittens were still quite young, because the
barn was under renovations and they didn’t want to see the kittens hurt. Once they were in our
care and as fluffy little kittens they would curl up in a ball and you could barely tell head from
tail. In their foster home they’ve done quite well and are happy to be in a warm, dry and nurturing environment.


Scout is a very adventurous little boy, always looking to do new things, find hidden toys, see
what is in a cupboard or a bag that just came into the house. His excursions to interesting places
includes his sister Skye, as he likes to have her along, she is his side kick and he is hers as
well. They like to play Chase and are a tag team in WWF (World Wrestling Felines). The laser
light and romping around after crinkle balls are excellent past times, as is diving in and out of
the cat tunnel. Both kittens are extremely cuddly and affectionate and will readily crawl up on
your lap to have a nap. Scout and Skye are ready to be adopted into their forever home
together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979