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A woman who is presently working from home had found a mother cat and possibly three or
four kittens in her back yard. She first saw them scurrying under her very large hosta plants
and then disappearing. She had no idea where they came from or where they were hiding. In
talking with the neighbour, he was certain they had taken up residence under her back deck,
the hosta just hid the entrance. He tapped on the deck and heard shuffling underneath and
then they were certain that this young feline family was living there. The woman didn’t really
know what to do and wasn’t feeding them as they had just arrived. She is highly allergic to cats
and had never been in a situation like this. After talking with Pet Patrol she started feeding the
cats to keep them close, plus the mother cat needs the nutrition in order to feed her babies
properly. A humane trap was set up and within the first day a little torti kitten was rescued.
After that the mother cat moved her other kittens to another location and the neighbourhood
has been alerted so that they all can be rescued.


Ebony is the sweetest kitten. After living outside for the first 7 weeks of her life, it surprisingly
took almost no time at all to gain her trust. She will still run and hide at loud noises but is very
easy to coax out of hiding and then she is all cuddles and purring. She loves to be close to
you. She is very playful and agile, especially when climbing the cat trees and chasing toys on
strings. At night time she invites herself onto a warm lap to curl up on. Ebony is ready to be
adopted into her forever home with a playmate. One that will welcome her into the family and
keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979