Vince & Vashon

Vince & Vashon

Vince & Vashon

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A woman who has lived in the same house for forty four years, in a small village, had been
rescuing and feeding the stray cats in the area since she moved in. She is very good about
keeping the cat population under control and making sure they were spayed or neutered to
control the breeding. However there was always one female who was elusive to the humane
trap and the woman was not able to rescue her before she became pregnant yet again. Another neighbour called about the same little feline family and within a short period of time the
three kittens were rescued with full intentions of getting the mother cat fixed. This kind lady
doesn’t mind feeding the cats, providing heated cat houses in the winter time and making sure
that they are safe and looked after the best that she can considering they are not wanting to be
touched or approached by people. Vince, Vienna and Vachon have thrived in their home.


These brothers are always somewhere cuddled up together for a good afternoon nap. They
enjoy playing Tag and wrestling and often steal each others toy. Vince likes the balls in the
puzzle games and Vashon likes the fuzzy mice. Sitting in the window at night watching the
wildlife outside is always interesting. They both have big purrs when being petted although
sometimes shy, they are quite the cuties. They are not too sure about the resident dog but are
curious. Vince and Vashon are definitely bonded and would do well in a home with older
children. They will meow when greeting you and are always watching what the humans are
doing. This dynamic duo is ready to be adopted into their forever home together. One that will
welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979