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Pet Patrol has been working with a lady who lives in a small village, in the country. Many, many
times cats have wandered over to her property from the neighbours’ where they had five acres
of junk. There are abandoned trailers, dumpsters, piles of skids of wood etc. There is also a
stable that has horses and the cats frequently visit there, but there is not a lot of food put down
for the growing population of cats on the property. When one of the female cats becomes
pregnant, they would migrate to this woman’s property which was much safer and quieter.
They would go to the closest outbuilding which was an abandoned chicken coop which is in
good shape and has not been used for chickens for quite some time. The birthing boxes are
kept ready for when mother cats do come and have their kittens there, and the building is
checked regularly. Once the woman realizes there’s a mother cat and kittens in there, she
moves them into her shop where they are kept safe and are able to relax, be fed, and receive
a lot of attention. This is the case with Diamond. She was rescued at the feeding station and
on the very next day she had seven kittens. Unfortunately, one did not survive but the rest have
done extremely well. (Dulce, Dot, Dolly, Dalton, Digby and Dean)


This litter of kittens reflects their mother’s personality which is kind, gentle and fun loving. They
have been raised in a foster home with small children and are quite comfortable with the
house hold activities and being picked up and cuddled. Dolly is a playful girl energetically
running and chasing after a small mouse toy. She loves to gives kisses and that often includes
toes. She is a delightful kitten and welcomes you at the door after a long day at work.
She is ready to be adopted into her forever home with a playmate or sibling. One that will
welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979