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Prince is a lovely big handsome boy who came from quite a nice part of town where the
houses are old, big but have been revitalized. He was allowed into an apartment in one of
those houses, and would jump on the couch beside the woman who fed him daily. However,
the lady was always afraid to touch him and she never kept him in for long. Sometimes he
asked to go out in all weather, in all seasons. When the woman moved she would come back
daily to feed him until a neighbour said she would take over. They would not let him in the
house though and he had some very rough winters outside. Finally, one of our volunteers
noticed this and felt so bad for him. Eventually, in talking to Pet Patrol we discussed having the
cat come onto her property to be fed, and finally coming into her front entrance. From there
the entrance door could be swiftly shut and the area could be closed off from the rest of the
house. At least it was a safe place for him before he came to Pet Patrol. Three weeks later,
success ! and Prince was in our care.


Prince really is quite regal looking and he will sit patiently waiting for you to serve him his
treats, after that a good brushing is on the schedule. He loves to show his kitten side by running and chasing dangling wand toys and jumping up to grab them. He likes to be the center
of attention and you can find him laying in the middle of the room basking in sunshine. He gets
along very well with the other cats and can often be seen playing with a friend or two. He
deserves a loving and gentle home after his rough life on the streets. He is looking for an adult
home where there are no young children or dogs. He is a calm, cool and collected cat when
his home life is routine and serene. Prince is ready to be adopted into his forever home. One
that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979