Lia & Lucy

Lia & Lucy

Lia & Lucy

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A woman who lives in the next town to the Pet Patrol cat sanctuary had been feeding a mother
cat named Lily outside for a little while. Then she noticed, wow! she’s very pregnant. The cat
trusted her in that she would come close when the food was put out for her and obviously was
very appreciative because she would purr happily. The woman wasn’t sure how to rescue Lily
to ensure the kittens were born inside instead of under a deck, shed or in the bushes. With
some coaxing she came into a screened porch and then the woman easily picked her up and
took her into the spare room. Lily immediately hopped into the birthing box that had been set
up before hand. That was interesting because mother cats don’t usually check out the birthing
box until about ready to have their kittens. Within six hours this lovely Lily had six kittens, Lia
and Lucy included, and all are happy, healthy and safely indoors


Lia and Lucy are the smallest of the kittens, compared to their siblings, but that doesn’t stop
them from enjoying a tussle with their brothers or sneaking up on their sister. They are both
very inquisitive, yet very shy and not quite trusting of the human touch. With time, they will
easily warm up to you. Each seems to embrace an “I can do anything” attitude and, despite
their smaller size, able to do pretty much anything they put their minds to! Lia and Lucy are
ready to be adopted together into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the
family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979