Victor & Viola

Victor & Viola

Victor & Viola

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A number of years ago two elderly sisters contacted Pet Patrol in regards to a female cat
(Vera) they had rescued off the street, and brought into their home. She had five kittens who
all thrived in the women’s care and they called Pet Patrol when they were four months old.
Once in our care the kittens received a lot of love and attention and have come around nicely.
Victor and Viola were adopted by a couple who lived locally, and who then eventually moved about
four hours’ drive away. One day we received a phone call saying that they were not working out
well in their home any longer because they now had a dog and a busy house. We’re not sure if
it was a blended family or whether this was a Covid pup adoption, but they chose to relinquish
custody of Victor and Viola. By this time the cats had been part of their family for over five
years and it was a difficult decision. Transportation was arranged and soon they were back in
our care. Both are lovely, beautiful cats who are looking for a peaceful adult only home.


Victor and Viola are a sweet and low-maintenance pair of bonded kitties. They love their
cardboard scratchers more than anything. Victor is a very friendly and outgoing boy who loves
pets and likes to follow you around the house. His sister Viola is on the quieter side, and she
has a funny meow that sounds more like a frog ribbit! She prefers to come to you for pets and
is getting much better at it. She gets a little nervous when approached too quickly, so she will
do best in a calm home where she can become comfortable and be at ease. They are very
well behaved and do not scratch any furniture or cause any messes! Both kitties keep each
other very active, they play well together and entertain each other but do want playtime with
their care givers and like to chase a dangling string or feathered wand toy. Overall, an easy
going pair Viola and Victor are ready to be adopted into their forever home. One that will
welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979