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Pet Patrol was alerted to a mother cat who lived in the backyard of a young man’s grandmother’s
home, for at least three years. She wouldn’t come anywhere near the house, was invited
in many times but always resisted. She is white with a gray smudge on her head, elegant build
and wise from living on the streets. This is Natashia. She was very timid but appreciated the
food that was put out for her daily. The grandmother had a cat house built for her that was
insulated, up off the ground and the entrance door high up to dissuade predators. This created
a safe place for her to have her kittens as well. The year before Natashia had a litter of
four and now yet more unwanted kittens. A plan was put in place to rescue her and now safely
in Pet Patrol care she has everything that she needs including a person who is willing to work
with her and socialize her and make her feel more comfortable.


Although Pet Patrol had a plan for Natashia, she has never gone along with it. Petting, closeness
to people and even being talked to kindly is rebuffed by her. She is very independent
and prefers to not be socialized by people but is quite comfortable with other cats and their
company. We think she would prefer a hobby farm life. It would provide her with shelter, food
and water daily and a warm place in the winter when it gets so bitterly cold outside. She is
enjoying those luxuries here but would prefer to have a job as chief mouser and do her own
thing. Natashia is ready to be adopted into the hobby farm life. One that will care for her,
keep tabs on her and allow her to be herself

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979