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Pet Patrol had become aware of a woman who prided herself on cat rescue but really did not
have the funds to care for the cats fully. She lived alone and had a love for animals, but very
few in her home were spayed or neutered. She was now in a situation where she was unable
to care for so many, she had broken her leg and was not nearly as mobile as she had been.
Her home had stairs and she was struggling with just getting around to care for herself. She
initially told us about Curly and Moe, apparently identical brothers (colour is similar, markings
are different) who are bonded. They were a bit timid in her home, not fond of the large dog she
had, and were in need of vaccinations and being neutered. They had bred with her unspayed
female, and now her home was filling up with pets again and she felt they needed to have the
opportunity for new homes. One of our volunteers went to the home to gather up Curly and
Moe and find out more about their home life and personalities. At that time she was offered
the kittens as well. Soon the brothers and the four kittens (Flynn being one of them) were on
their way to Pet Patrol and then to a lovely foster home


Flynn, like his three siblings, is a lovely cat. He is gentle, sweet and obviously treated with
tender loving care. He is easy to pick up and cuddle, carry around and will flop across you lap,
or curl up in your arms for a cuddle and a nap. He is playful, like most kittens are, and likes to
run around the house chasing after toys, dangly strings and shoe laces. It has been quite
entertaining for his caregivers to watch and for Flynn himself, to explore his new surroundings
and all the wonderful toys. A simple cardboard box with peep holes, a kitty tunnel and the cat
tree are all intriguing for him Flynn is ready to be adopted into his forever home, preferably
with a playmate/sibling. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979