Gene & Grady

Gene & Grady

Gene & Grady

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Grady and Gene were brought into Pet Patrol care as kittens. A woman who is a great supporter
of Pet Patrol had found a mother cat and her four kittens taking refuge in her
backyard. At first she only spotted the mother cat and then eventually the wee kittens started
peeking out of their safe place, an all season cat house, to see the big world outside. The
woman is a tender heart and took good care of the kittens. She fed them, gave them fresh
water and a nice place to curl up at night where they were protected from all types of weather.
She could not bring herself to rescue them though. Faithful volunteers of Pet Patrols have
rescued many cats over this past year and brought them safely into our care. They offered to
rescue this mother cat and four kittens and did so within a few days. All are healthy and will
become lovely family friendly cats.


Gene can be a timid boy but is very loving and cuddly. He can easily be picked up and will sit
in your lap in a quiet spot. As a playful and active boy he likes to chase after feather wand toys
or anything attached to a string. He is often found sleeping in a cat hammock or snuggled up
with his brother Grady in a cat bed. He is becoming more curious and comfortable every day.
Grady is a sweet, affectionate boy who seeks out attention. He loves to purr loudly when he is
pet or played with and his favourite toys are soft balls and springs or anything he can chase.
Grady also likes to be held and cuddled, and will give little cat ‘kisses’ to your hands. Grady
can sometimes be found snoozing in a sunny spot. He loves his brother, Gene. Both boys are
ready to be adopted into their forever homes. One that will welcome them into the family and
kept safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979