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Agnes (“Aggie”) has been wonderful company for a couple who took her in as a stray
kitten. She has been well cared for and integrated into their adult home beautifully. A
second cat, Theo, was introduced about a year later and they got along fine, although were
not considered a bonded pair. As time went on, the couple decided to start a family of their
own and soon little humans were introduced into the home, but poor Aggie was not having
any of it. She was very unsure of the wee baby and was upset by the change of routine
and not having as much attention and affection from her people. The couple tried to accommodate
her and her house mate. Now, with the recent addition of a second child, it is
apparent that both cats are not receiving the love, affection, and care that they deserve.
Aggie’s owners are heart broken, but feel she would do best in an adult only home that will
appreciate her for her beautiful personality and provide her with the family life she is accustomed


Aggie is kind and loving towards adults, but is very nervous around young children. She
loves to be pet and is always eager to give kisses. She is very curious about the outdoors
but is content to sit in front of a window or patio door observing the neighbourhood activity
and the birds at the feeder. She is a gentle player with her toys and likes to have a nice
afternoon nap in a sunbeam. Aggie is ready to be adopted into her new forever home.
One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979