Kramer & Kelso

Kramer & Kelso

Kramer & Kelso

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A woman reached out to Pet Patrol as her daughter had found a litter of five little kittens outside
her place of work. She is a nurse and works at a group home setting in a semi rural area.
The kittens, very tiny and frightened, were in a box left at the doorstep of the group home. It is
still a mystery as to who left them there, the entrance to the building is for staff only and no
cameras. So they were not able to look at any recordings to see who had approached the
building. Cameras have since been installed for safety measures. The wee kittens were only
five weeks old. Too young to be away from their mother. Some of the staff adopted three of
the kittens, which left Kramer & Kelso. The woman who called me had already adopted two
cats from Pet Patrol and was not in a position to keep two tiny kittens. She felt that they would
be able to find forever homes through Pet Patrol cat rescue and adoption. They were brought
into our care, bright, alert and wide-eyed, wondering what was going on. Within a short time
they were taken to a foster home and have thrived since then.


Kelso is the quieter of the two compared to his brother Kramer, but he also is the bravest
when it comes to exploring. He knows how cute he is, loves being cuddled and will happily
take a break from his play time to purr and take a nap on your chest. Kramer is the more vocal
of the two and lets you know he wants to be picked up for a cuddle and the loudest purr his
foster mom has ever heard. He is the adventurous one and always takes the lead, while his
brother Kelso frolics closely behind. They absolutely adore each other and the two of them
spend the entire day playing and snuggling. Both boys are lovely cats and would like to be
adopted together into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep
them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979