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From her rescuer: Arabella showed up in my neighbourhood around the end of November; she was seen
on my trail cam very late one night. She consistently came daily and would eat almost two
cans of cat food every time. My first attempt at rescuing her was in December and I set up
a humane trap. She went right in but unfortunately, she escaped when the trap door did
not close properly. Luckily, she returned a couple of days later and continued her regular
routine. She was naturally very hesitant of the trap now so I removed it for a while until she
was comfortable with the area again. It was very difficult to see her out in the snow, not
knowing where she was finding shelter. I set the humane trap up again just before Easter,
propping the door open, and after a few nights of her trusting the trap and going in to eat I
removed the stick and Arabella was finally rescued on April Fools Day of all days. She is
now safe and comfy in Pet Patrol’s care.


Arabella has done well at the sanctuary and can be approached for petting, especially if
there is a brush in your hand. She loves it. She took to living indoors immediately.
Her life on the street was all about seeking food, water, shelter and avoiding the coyotes
that would prowl the nearby field. It must have been frightening for her. Arabella is learning
about toys now, something she never had before, but shows that she is feeling carefree
and relaxed. She has come a long way and is now an affectionate and sweet natured girl.
She is ready to be adopted into loving and patient home. One that will welcome her into
the family and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979