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Rowan came from a smaller city, not far from Pet Patrol‘s sanctuary. A woman who had organized
cat rescues in her area and was well known for her bottle feeding of orphaned kittens,
contacted us with great concerns. She knew of a hoarding situation in her neighborhood, and
things were not good inside the house, plus there were quite a few pets that needed help.
Overtime she had talked to the owners about the care of their cats, giving polite suggestions
and donating food. Eventually they grew to understand that they had too many cats in the
house, they all had to be spayed or neutered, and others re homed. For Rowan, he was one
of the lucky ones that she was able to have the owners relinquish custody of and he came to
Pet Patrol for adoption. At first he really didn’t know what to think. It was clean, uncluttered
and although there were other cats there, he felt less stressed and more confident. He has a
definite head tilt, which has improved while in our care.


Rowan is such a nice boy. When he first arrived he was a little timid and unsure of what was
going on. He didn’t know why he was in a cage and in this place where there are volunteers
and lots of other cats. Everybody seemed to like everybody and the environment was reassuring
calm and interesting. Rowan came to us with a head tilt and it was discovered that he had an
inner ear infection and a polyp (wart in his ear canal) which has been treated and surgically
removed. He has done very well. Rowan loves to run around and play with the other cats, he is
very social, happy go lucky and interested in everything that you do. He likes to play in the cat
tunnel, chase anything that moves (especially the laser pen light or a ping-pong ball which rolls
nicely across carpet and hardwood floors as well). Rowan is ready to be adopted into his
forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safe and indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979