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Told by their rescuers: A family of six kitties were rescued from living under a shed in the
backyard of a quiet home. This was in a small country town. The mother cat, Hazel, had had a
few litters over the years and these latest ones have stuck pretty close to her. Neighbors
noticed the young kittens out in the cold in January and posted it on social media looking for
assistance. Good hearted volunteers stepped up and after three nights and days the whole
family was rescued and brought into a nice warm foster home. The kittens were easy to socialize
and were adopted into forever homes with Hazel spending a little more time learning to
trust humans. She has done very well


Hazel took a little while to warm up to people, but because she was fed daily by people her
trust has progressed and she has gained confidence. It was comforting for her to have other
cats with her in her foster home and she learned from them about being pet and receiving nice
ear rubs. Occasionally she will accept a belly rub but a nice back massage is always welcomed.
Hazel will purr loudly and raise her back for more scratches. She absolutely loves to
play with wand toys, her eyes just light up at the chase. Although she is a little timid of being
reached for she will progress with a patient person and once comfortable she will come seek
attention and love. Hazel is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that will welcome
her into the family and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979