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One of Pet Patrol’s volunteers has a feeding station on her property and a trail camera. She
has it running often and one night this handsome orange tabby showed up. It was the dead of
winter and he went straight for the food dish. He would show up randomly here and there but
not everyday. A few months later he started coming daily and would eat all the food and then
disappear again. Difference was his coat was not as clean, he looked rough and then he
started to limp. Kosmo needed medical care and she set up a humane trap to rescue him. It
was not so easy, since Kosmo is a boy from the street and quite wise to anything different. It
took over three months for him to finally be convinced to go into the humane trap and onto
safety. By this time he was barely putting weight on the limb. Immediately, Kosmo was taken
into the vet and assessed. No broken bones and no wounds so it will just take time and patience.
He now moves around without any issues


Kosmo is a very observant boy and watches every move the volunteers at the sanctuary make.
If they get too close he will head across the room away from them, to watch from a different
vantage point. He likes the comforts of being indoors, like a soft place to lay down and sleep,
endless food, fresh water and other cats to hang out with. He also likes treats and will wait for
you to bring them to him. He seems to stay near a buddy (Boomer), choosing to share a
sunbeam or cozy cubby. He will hiss if you get too close but sometimes you can sneak a chin
scratch in if you come with treats in hand. He has been known to swat if he feels you are
invading his space

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979