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Cody and his ten other colony mates didn’t know any different until they came into Pet Patrol
care, but their original home was described as ‘deplorable”. The man who took care of them is
older, very kind and socialized them all but he is very isolated as well. Sadly none of the cats
ever received veterinarian care and not many of the kittens born in the house ever survived. The
man had lived there most of his life and it didn’t look like he ever cleaned anything – ever! There
was a solid layer of grime on absolutely everything, the floors were worn through and were black
in color and the windows were dim with a yellow film. Once the cats came to Pet Patrol and saw
the volunteers taking care of everyone, making sure things are clean and healthy, they relaxed
and enjoyed it. Cody was one of two cats that needed eye surgery. There were only remnants
of an eye ball there, and he appeared to be in pain.


Despite being just three years young, Cody is a bit of an old soul. He loves sharing gossip with
other cats and his two legged friends with his soft and gentle voice, but he usually waits for them
to come to him rather than actively seeking them out. His favourite thing to do is to find a
nice cozy spot in the sun, snuggle down in blankets or a bed and have a good nap. He loves it
when someone comes past his cozy abode to give him a pet, and he always gives them a good purr
of appreciation and a head butt or two. If he hasn’t seen the person for a while, they will also
receive a warm chirrup just to make sure that they come over to give, and to get, some love.
Cody is a very laid back and independent cat who gets on well with other cats, but might not
thrive in a busy household with young children or dogs. Cody is looking to retire early into a relatively quiet household where he can keep an eye on the neighbours from time to time, offer sage
advice when asked, and be a calming and peaceful influence to all who dwell within.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979