Go Fund Me for Resie

Hi, my name is Resie,

I haven’t had a very good time in my little life so far. But I sure am glad that I came into the care of Pet Patrol. One day I was taken from the property where my parents, my siblings and I were living. It was close to a lake and often cats are brought there and left behind. They were pretty scared. Maybe the people were camping or sometimes they were renting cottages, but they were never there for very long. This property was close to the road and the lady was worried we would get run over by one of the many cars that fly by. I really didn’t know what was going on but I was happy that my entire family was taken to Pet Patrol because we were sick. My siblings seemed to be OK, but my parents and I were taken to the vet where we spent three or four days hooked up to this IV and given medicine to settle our tummies. We came through it really well. I was glad for that but as soon as I came home my foster mom noticed immediately that my right paw was swollen………..

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