Go Fund Me For Chase



I am just a little kitty who was born in a really dirty house. You have probably already read about my cousin Cody, and if you look on the Pet Patrol website you will also see the matriarch of the family, Claudia. We are three of 10 cats that were rescued, thankfully, and are hoping for a better life. When I was brought into care and examined they realized I do not have a right eye. It was just all red and fleshy inside when they parted my eyelids. It is not uncommon for wee kittens born in such a deplorable situation to have eye infections that are not treated, eyes that are poked and damaged and eventually have to be removed. In the house it looks like it had not been cleaned for 40 years and there was a layer of grime and dirt everywhere. As kitties we did not know any different. The man was nice to us, he fed us (cheap food), had water out for us (yellow in the bowl) and pet us every day…..

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