Moby Hold 26 Feb

Moby Hold 26 Feb

Moby Hold 26 Feb

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A woman who has a feeding station in the downtown area, noticed a nicely marked tabby
and white boy there one day. It was quite cold outside, there was ice and snow on the
ground and he was very hungry. As soon as he realized he was being watched he took off
like a shot and she tried to follow his tracks through the snow. Unfortunately, there were
other footprints and tire impressions that made it impossible. When tending to the feeding
station she would meow to the cats and eventually, he started responding to her and would
come running and showed what an affectionate boy he was. Quite the turn around. Still
unsure where he was finding shelter, she finally saw him trot over to a very small alley with
piles and piles of garbage bags tossed at the far end. He disappeared into the pile. This
was his only shelter. Not wanting to let him stay outside one more night she brought him
into her home and then onto Pet Patrol.


When Moby first arrived at his foster home he was a bit intimidated, but soon he was following
his foster mom around the house. He has done fine with meeting the resident cat and is
curious about the family dog which leads him to quiet spaces to observe. Not only is he
quite handsome but he is also very affectionate and loves to lay next to his people, lounging
on laps, likes pets and will knead his paws contentedly. Eventually he will drift off into sleep,
or enjoy showing off his belly to get some scratches. Moby would love a low-key quiet
house to be his furrever home with adult companionship. One that will welcome him into
the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979