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Indie was born behind a rural restaurant, one that people will drive out to, because the food
is good and the hospitality inviting. The couple who bought the business about ten years
ago said there have always been cats living in the storage shed, with easy access to wander
the grounds. The cats kept unwanted mice away, were tame and well cared for. One
day the woman called Pet Patrol a bit worried about two kittens that had been born about
six weeks before. They were now mobile and sitting in the middle of the back lawn. Apparently
their mother, Indie, was completely ignoring them. This was during a scorching hot
day and she was worried they would get heat stroke or become prey by sitting out in the
open. They had moved them into the shade and put them in a box, but they kept getting
out. Later that day Indie and both of her kittens, Ike and Itsy, came into Pet Patrol care.
Indie has been nothing but an attentive mother cat to her two kittens, and has even taken on
a little orphan boy as well. She is calm, but it was apparent that she was in a lot of pain
when she arrived. Having remedied that, she is now happy and content.


Indie is a different cat than she was when she first arrived. She is gentle and sweet, not as
skittish as she used to be and now accepts petting and purrs deeply. She is very good with
other cats as that is all she has known, whether living outside or at the sanctuary. They are
her buddies and she will integrate into a family home with another friendly cat easily. Indie
is playful, and it is nice to see her being carefree and chasing after toys. She is now ready
to be adopted into her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep
her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979