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A couple who own a cottage on a rather large lake discovered two kittens and their mother
living under their deck. With having to self-isolate during Covid, and unable to work, they
chose to stay at their cottage. It can be trying at times, especially when you are used to
being out in the world, working, socializing and having the freedom to come and go. The
kittens provided some positive entertainment for them, and a mission. The mother cat is
quite feral and they are unable to socialize her, but they will make sure she is spayed and
does not produce more kittens. Shadow and Daphne were born under the deck and it was
quite a surprise when they were first noticed peeking out, wide eyed and curious of the
world around them. The kittens are quite friendly and have adapted well to people, and
have enjoyed spending their time inside the home as well. But being of the age to reproduce
it was time for the kittens to be rescued and given a good home. The couple contacted Pet
Patrol and soon they were brought into our care.


Shadow and Daphne are bonded. They will curl up and sleep together, play together and
groom each other. Shadow is a true shadow cat. He will follow you around and keep you
company, and he loves the affection he receives from his people. He really likes being pet,
sitting on your lap and will stretch out for belly rubs. Daphne is sweet and gentle. She
doesn’t mind being picked up and cuddled and is great at being a lap cat. These two kitties
are very attached to each other and would love to be adopted into their forever home together.
One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979