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Pet Patrol received a message from a hardworking man who was quite concerned about
three little kittens. He has a shop in town where he builds things, and he first saw the kittens
outside darting in and out of the corn field. This is very dangerous for wee ones to be
out there, as they quickly become prey for fox, coyote and fox. He starting asking the
neighbours if they knew anything about the babies and found that they had been feeding the
mom and kittens for a little while. Relieved to know they had food, he still wanted to make
sure they were rescued and set up a large cat carrier for them. It didn’t take any time at all
for them (Harmony, Holiday and Happy) to go into the carrier for the food and onto the
safely of Pet Patrol. The mother cat is quite illusive but is in the process of being rescued


Holiday and her sister, Harmony, are pretty cute together and it is hard to tell them apart.
They are fun loving, adventurous and curious kittens. Not much is left unexplored or played
on. Cat toys are just the best and they have a great time with the kitty tunnel, cat climber
and simple things like a blanket tent and kitty hammock. Being so small when they came in,
Pet Patrol luckily had a nursing mom who gladly took them into her care. At first were not
sure about being picked up by people but are much better now. Such loving and interesting
kittens, Holiday is ready to be adopted with her sister Harmony into their forever home.
One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979