Adora & Archie

Adora & Archie

Adora & Archie

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When Pet Patrol first heard about Adora and Archie they had not even been born yet. We
received a call from our veterinarian saying that a very distraught owner brought her cat in
on an emergency basis. She was trying to give birth, it had been 24 hours, and nothing
was happening. She was struggling with her contractions. It was determined that one
kitten had blocked the birthing canal and Adora and Archie could not get out. Pet Patrol
agreed to take the mother cat into our care, and the family relinquished custody, because
they could not afford the high price of an emergency spay. After being born, these two
kittens were raised in a family home, and once ready it didn’t take long for them to be
adopted. Fast forward a few months and they were unfortunately returned – no fault
of their own. The owner had developed serious heart conditions and having two active cats
in the house was deemed too much for her. Adora and Archie really need a busy family
home as their curiosity is quite extraordinary.


Being the only surviving kittens from the litter, these two rely on each other for love and
affection, playtime, and have become a daring duo. They are extremely curious, very intelligent,
energetic but also, such good company. They are very happy with their people and
are interested in everything they do. They are cuddly cats and can be found at the foot of
your bed, curled up with you on the couch or rubbing up against your legs. Adora and
Archie are ready to be adopted into their forever home, one that will welcome them into the
family together, and keep them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979