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AJ was adopted as a tiny kitten and taken home to a live with a very nice couple. They
loved him dearly and he had their hearts. Eventually they started a family and AJ was fine
with the changes in the house until the baby was born. He was not prepared to share his
people with this little baby who seemed to be taking up all their time, energy and affection.
He felt like his wonderful world was taken away from him and he didn’t take to the baby.
By the time his people called Pet Patrol, they had been trying for three years to help AJ
adjust, but in the mean time had added a second child to the household. That really put
poor AJ over the edge and he started to become very upset. A new home needed to be
found. They were heartbroken to have to make the decision but this handsome boy
needed a different type of home.


AJ would like to be the centre of your love and attention like he was in his original home.
An adult only home for now and forever, no little children please. He is loving and affectionate,
interested in what you do, and loves to curl up and sleep with you. He will adore
you as much as you adore him. AJ is playful and fun loving, likes his kitty bed in he window
and wants to know what the birds are doing outside. He is a neighbourhood watch
cat, from the safety of inside the house. AJ is a good companion and is ready for his forever
home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979