I Don’t Want To Be A Burden

I am so glad I am at the vet clinic because I am very sick.  It happened pretty suddenly and I am sure my foster mom is very worried about me (she likes me a lot) and so are all the volunteers who run Pet Patrol.  How did I get to be here?  I was adopted as a kitten seven years and seven months ago, from the city shelter, by a man who lived in an apartment building.  I have a microchip that gave that information and my name: Garvey, but his phone number was disconnected and he had moved.

The mystery is: how did I get from living with him as a baby to begging food at the back doors of country homes seven years later, and in a completely different city?  I was bewildered as to where I was and started talking to people. A  kind lady fed me and recognized that I was a friendly and affectionate boy but very uncomfortable being outside.  I tried hard to be let inside the house. I was so scared and she could see that.

She brought me to Pet Patrol where I quickly made myself at home.  I didn’t mind the other cats, and they seemed to be cool with me as well.  I went to live with a nice foster lady and she realized that I wasn’t eating much.  She thought I was just nervous and she tried giving me different foods and even tuna, but I just didn’t have the appetite.  Maybe the change was just too much for a mature cat like me, but I am now jaundiced and I have anemia too. Not good.  I am hooked up to IV fluids, antibiotics and a feeding tube to give me nutrition.  I will be a $1500 cat by the end of a week because of the intensive care and the vet says I need an ultrasound to see why this is all happening.  *sigh*  I just don’t want to be a burden on Pet Patrol.  They have been so good to me. I am weak and I am sad, and I am thinking that people have been so kind to have saved me, maybe with their donations they can save me again.  I have nine lives and have barely used any of them.

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