Hello, I’m Max and I was adopted as a very young cat to live with a man who was quite elderly. I am lucky to have a buddy cat in the house with me, and we cuddle and purr with each other all the time. It was a quiet house and the man was very nice to us and he and his family noticed that I had a problem with my right eye. I was never taken to the vet to get my vaccinations updated, or have that most important examination. If they had they would have noticed that I had entropia. I have heard this is the third kitty to come into Pet Patrol this spring with the same condition.  Luckily there is a pretty easy surgery for that.

Entropy is where the eyelashes curl into the eye and scrape across the cornea. Do you know what it’s like having an eyelash stuck in your eye – you just can’t get it out fast enough. I have lived all my life with this. The last kitty that had this condition, and was not treated earlier, lost his eye! I hope that doesn’t happen to me! 

Our owner passed away and I am in Pet Patrol care now. We lived with his grandson for a bit as no other members of the family were able to take my buddy and me. We are hoping to be adopted together, it would be nice for us as we are pretty tight bros. Being that it is kitten season with Pet Patrol, it’s very expensive keeping up with the little ones and I don’t want to be a burden on them. Would you be so kind as to donate a bit of money to help with my surgery cost? It would be ever so helpful in every way.

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