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It was a cold, wet autumn day, with a snowstorm blowing in, when Monroe was spotted. He was first noticed by staff at a local golf course, who were working in the restaurant.. They had no idea where he came from, but he was thin and shivering as his paws touched the soaked and swiftly freezing grass. He clearly had no place to find shelter from the changing weather and was obviously starving. The staff immediately brought him inside to warmth and comfort and fed him. He was ravenous. Members of the golf course staff were friends with a volunteer for Pet Patrol, and called her immediately. Soon afterwards Monroe was brought into our care where he is in a climate controlled environment with endless food, fresh water and cuddles.


Monroe is the cutest of cats. He’s a sweet, gentle and a funny feline who just wants love and attention. Although a bit uncertain when he first arrived he soon made himself at home, and stretches out near the radiator or curls up in his comfy bed. He also enjoys playtime with toys (a new discovery) the wand toy and chasing down crinkle balls. He is very good with other cats. Monroe is a cuddler and learning that your lap is a great place to lay on for afternoon naps, and being carried is not such a bad thing. Monroe is ready to be adopted into his forever home, one that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979